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Iberplancha - 6to6 BARCELONA'S MOTORDAY
Iberplancha - 6to6 BARCELONA'S MOTORDAY
23 DE JULY DE 2012
As had been announced, the sport's meeting cars from the hand of 6to6 was performed during 14th and 15th of July. Iberplancha, had the opportunity to attend this great meeting of vehicles which its aim was to show to the whole visitors a series of classic sports cars both in tents and in demonstrations of speed in a very long straight of 400 meters, where diferent professional pilots struck with a resonant chord visitors with its AMG Mercedes and Porsche.

From day 15, participants began 6to6 TOUR EUROPE European route in 5 different countries, to end on July 21 in Monaco.

We show our visit with 2 photographs of the two great days of sports car he could enjoy the city.

¡Hope you like them!