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Iberplancha - PORSCHE NEWS
Iberplancha - PORSCHE NEWS
Today we are going discuss the services offered to clients Iberplancha Porsche. From  the beginning, Iberplancha was very knowledgeable of Porsche repairs, Ibercarrera's hand until 2012, and it has always rested on a skilled workforce with a Porsche training courses to develop a working system differentiated.
  • Nowadays, we continue to be a benchmark Porsche. Both the quality, technique and also with great support from insurance companies.
  • Insurance companies know of our baggage and therefore, as great experts in repairs, we have incorporated into their repair center networks with this added bonus. Repair protocols are superior to those of the vast majority of repair centers, and vehicle warranties, Regulation 461/2010, remain intact for any brand, including Porsche. The only requirement is that the workshop follow the maintenance manual, a task known Iberplancha workers.
  • As a workshop concerning collaborator and trusted by the vast majority of companies use original parts, working with a high quality and reliability. Not what we say, has been the set of customers that have made us champions of it.
  • Today, we continue with the same equipment and therefore continue to be a leader in the reparacionesde all types of vehicles, especially Porsche. Always trying to offer the best service at attractive prices.
We are pleased to continue offering this service differential to everybody and new customers know us for our ability and good treatment! We guarantee to new customers a future loyalty and total satisfaction !